SGL OS 3.02

I guess the SGL OS 3.02 was not distributed to very many developers due to it being released so late in the Saturns lifetime. I guess it was used to do the unreleased ports of Virtua Fighter 3, and Shenmu. I was wondering if anyone has actually seen this, used it, or even happen to have a copy.

I picked up a bit of info from here.
The "Akira models for a Saturn VF3 tech demo" he speaks are just plain VF models that come with the oldest SGL sources we have. However, the remaining models (aren't those chars from Sonic R?) and particulary the 3d viewer, I have never seen before.
It's the same version that has been available on the net forever, click on the link in my sig for one download location. And I don't know where the guy who did that page got his info, but it's not accurate (eg. some of the things he claims are in the libs aren't there, and availability wasn't restricted to just a select few developers).

The 3D viewer is part of the SS-SDK package.