Shining Force

Good question Scylla, let me start.

For Master System actually none of the series.

For Game Gear there are three of them:

Shining Force Gaiden (released only in Japan).

Shining Force Gaiden 2:The Sword of Hajya.

Shining Force Gaiden 3:The Final Conflict (Only in Japan).

The first two gaidens continue the story from the first shining force on mega drive and the second connects the previous three (SF, SFG1, SFG2) with Shining Force 2 on mega drive.For example:If you played SF2 on MD you already know of Sir Hawell (Kazin's teacher), well he is a member of the Force in the Final Conflict with some other old friends!

I have the ROMS and the translation for all the Japanese Shining Forces if you want them contact me. :)
Quote: from Dark on 3:43 pm on April 3, 2002

Do you have those? the only one I found was for $60 and I dont pay that much for a game

Yup I have them!!! :)

Catch me on MSN or AIM (MSN preferably) or pm me & I'll send them to you.

-Mice on Ice is this the one Tanarus started?
Now the best way to play the Shinning Force Series are the DC emulation, but you must have the originals to make this.

Or not?
You are Right, for now... and probably never we have a Saturn Emulator on DC.

I reffer specifically to Genesis Series the classics.

And add SFCD that is a good version too.

How much are you willing to pay for Shining Force: SOH? I might be willing to sell mine for a fair price or for trade.

Let me know if you are interested. I will send you pics if you want.

Email me at:

Ifefer you can play SF1 and SF2 only on DC not SFG, SFG2:TSoH, SFG3:FC, or any of SF3 scenarios!

The SFG series is for gamegear, SMEG for DC should run it, it's a master system emu, but gamegear and mastersystem are pretty much the same. Also if you take a look at the DCEmu screenshots of SMEG it shows megaman for gamegear running. As for the saturn, good luck trying to emulate that on the dreamcast
Yes I posted this before learn of SMEG!

But you stil can't play the whole series on DC!

*Thinks of SF3 with better graphics on DC*

*thinks, thinks, thinks....*

*Starts sleeping & dreaming of SF3 on DC...*


*thinks more...*

<>:"?_(&^$@#% CABOUM <>:"?_(&^$@#%

*wakes up & starts crying*
sega has not been known (yet) to port older awsome games to new systems either.. it is great that they leave these titles exclusive to the saturn for "hardcore"status, but Pleeease sega, all it takes is 1 2 3 and you have a shining force compilation on ps2 gc or the xbox.. pleeeaase!
was climax the company that developed the shining force series?

they made timestalkers for the dc.

small consilation.. i know

final fantasy tactics is a decent substitute though
Don't say such a thing cherok! No Sega and Camelot will not waste the Shining Force Series on PS2 of course.

Maybe on GC or XboX or... Indrema or even Saturn, but not PS2.

And sizone, Camelot soft is the "father" of Shining Games except Shining wisdom (Climax) and the "newcomer" Shining Soul (Game Boy Advance). And Sonic Team is the responsible for the publishing.

This is kinda bad Supergrom but... I agree with you.

Shining Wisdom sucks.

Camelot guys know how to make a masterpiece, see Golden Sun and Lost Age.