Someone please tell me what i did wrong

Okay I burned Shining force CD using CDRwin, I used the Cue Sheet maker to make a cuesheet for the iso file and its Mp3's/wavs. I first burned it with MP3's using the cuesheet+iso file, tried it on the sega cd system and it sits with "Checking disc" then it loads the music player, but when i go to play any of the tracks its nuthing but static sound, i checked the files and they all work fine on my comp and when i load the file with WGEN. Please someone help me on what im doing wrong
1. Is your copy of CDRWin patched or registered? Mysterious things can happen with patched versions.

2. Are those MP3s variable bit-rate (VBR)?

3. Did you check to make sure the audio tracks (on the CD-R you burned) play fine on your computer using "CD Player", or on a regular CD player?