sonic blast gg

I've got two questions that are bothering me:

1 - Has the gamegear version of sonic blast been dumped? (only the sms one is available on the net, however I saw the gamegear one mentioned on the meka homepage)

How many games aren't recognized by goodgg?

2 - There is this thing called the "sms-mode" in gamegear games.

I've got the game "castle of illusion" for mastersystem. How can I play it, using an emulator, as if it was a gamegear game?

Don't know if I expressed miself well...
No it has not. It is just rare. The master system version is rarer because they made the game for game gear in the states, japan and europe, and the master system version is brazil only.
I think you misunderstand what "SMS mode" means. The Game Gear itself has two operating modes in hardware: SMS mode (where it basically behaves as a Master System) and true GG mode (which has a different screen layout and colour palette, and stereo sound, with other small changes as well). It's set via a pin on the cartridge slot.

The most obvious use for the SMS mode is for the Master Gear converter, but many "real" GG cartridges (Castle of Illusion is just one example) are actually SMS mode games, and the dumps are distributed as SMS ROMs.

BTW Sonic Blast GG has been dumped, the ROM just hasn't been distributed yet, which is why it doesn't appear in GoodGG.

Mike G, I just got confused. I thought he meant "cancelled" by "dumped" .
Ah right
I see what you mean.
Because if he realised he meant pirated, he'd have the pirate police down onto us like a tonne of bricks