Sonic R

I think this game is very poor to be honest. The graphics and sound are very good, but the controls are the most important thing in a game to me and Sonic R doesn't cut it. With the standard pad or the 3d one, it just doesn't control well enough to be fun.
I may be biased since racing games are my favorite genre, but I really don't understand why everyone hates this game so much. The control is not great, but it's not that bad. Especially compared to Gale Racer or Destruction Derby. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is quite enjoyable, I think. And it's way better than Sonic Adventure 2
I think Sonic Adventure 2 is too different a game to compare to this one.

As for the control in Sonic R, it's quite hard, yes - but just the other day I sat down and played the game for a while and practised, and actually got the hang of it...even finishing a race 3rd instead of 5th (the multiple routes still throw me off though).

It's actually much like Wipeout - you can steer left and right with the D-pad as well as the shoulder buttons... and if you use BOTH, your character makes a sharper turn. And while I'm mentioning the D-pad, Sonic R really doesn't control well at all with the analog thumb pad so if you, like me, happen to play the game with a NiGHTS 3D controller, switch it to digital mode. It _is_ difficult but not as bad as you think.

As for the game itself, it IS an entertaining racer. I actually love the music, and the various modes (tag your opponents, catch the balloons, etc.) add greatly to the replay value.
there's a used game store selling a copy of sonic r for pc for $5. i was thinking about picking it up.
pretty fast, but HELP! I can't control where I am going!

I could never manage to stay on the track. I spend most of the time bouncing around the a mile away from the raceway. Could have been interesting if such a fast object had clear track barriers to keep you in the right line.

Hell! Most of the time I don't even see my competitors because they are so much better at staying on task.
That is exactly why I dislike this game. Staying on the track is impossible the control is buggy as if it is a beta version that hasnt worked out all the smoothness yet. The paths go in crazy directions that make no sense and lead you to the last place possible, not to mention coming in at an ungodly time.
Hmm, I do remember the controls as a little strange/bad. But not so bad you can't play it. I didn't have any problems getting in first place and collecting all the emeralds. Never used the R- or L-button either, wich I had hoped were to be used as acceleration/brake, when I first got hold of the game. The worst thing about the control is that you have to push upwards all the time.

I still kind of like it, so much I nearly started it yesterday.
At least it was in the pile of games I was concidering to play.
Actually, you can hold one of the buttons down (I wanna say the B one, but I'm not sure right now) instead of pressing up, does the same thing.

That said, why is it that when I explain that the game CAN be mastered with practice (obviously Twillinx has done it), people just repeat saying how impossible it is to play. Geez.
the graphics were nothing special, the tracks should of been based around existing sonic stages (with a collection of badnick's on each stage to slow sonic down)

the weather features on the PC version were.....o.k i guess.....

but worst of all.....the sound!!! damm anoying!!!!!

I feel sorry for the poor girl they got to do all the singing!!!!
Ok Ok, let me say this: CLASSIC games have a much shorter grace period than NEWER games. It's sad but true.

When I got an atari 2600 game back in the 80's, I would sit patiently until I mastered the game. Now that the system is classic, I just pop in a cart and if it doesn't feel good after 5 minutes, I pull it out with a firm opinion in mind. I got hundreds of them.

Saturn is now classic. I have a stack of games as well for it. So if one doesn't feel right after the first 5 minutes, I have more waiting to be played and the next disc goes in. Sonic R doesn't make it out of the CD case much.

I am sure it could be a great game when one takes time to master the controls, but with such a big collection, who has the patience?
Ok Ok, let me say this: CLASSIC games have a much shorter grace period than NEWER games. It's sad but true.

It has nothing to do with it. When I think of CLASSIC games I think of games that were or are great, not just old.

Same thing about the consoles your mentioning, just beacause a console is CLASSIC every game for it isn't CLASSIC (at least not with my definition of CLASSIC)

If you were to have let's say 100 games for your PS2, GC or Xbox you'd do the same thing. You wouldn't waste time on ex. International Cue Club, Metropolismania, Street Hoopz they would stay in the DVD-case forever. (well you might try 'em out regretting it 5 minutes later)

But if you can just afford one game at the time, and you happen to buy Klonoa 2 (I'm not mentioning those other 3 games again, nobody in their right mind would buy those
) you would sit patiently until you mastered it. With a 100 other games you'd probably play it 5 minutes, coming back to it after playing through the 58 games in your collection that were better. The same thing might happen with your Sonic R-game.

I think CLASSIC games will have a longer lasting period the further time goes, with the Atari 2600 you'd have to own it in it's glory days to appreciate the games today (except for Smurfs
), but with a NES a few of those games could still be fun to a person that's been growing up with a PS2, I guess. Bla bla bla...

Now I really need to try Sonic R again, I've totally missed out on the button acceleration.
I must admit that Sonic R is one of my favourite racing games
It's fast and smooth, it has tons of transparent polygons, the music is ok (for me, of course) and the control is not THAT bad. In reality, that's what makes the game *a bit* challenging -but not too much, anyway. As Gaz_2_k said, there should have been some badnicks on each track; IMO Sonic R is just too easy without them, even if you choose the Hard Mode it's really easy to finish all the stages in the first place.

But why don't Sonic and his friends say ANYTHING? Yeah! Yatta! Something like that.
Totally agree with Twillinx (and kudos to you, Tony
). When you have a ton of games, you automatically don't take the time for each and every one of them; that voice in the back of your head says "Must not spend too much time on one game, got too many others." I try to make a point of it and sometimes will grab an original game I bought even if I feel more like playing something I downloaded and burned instead. I want to EXPLORE each game, go beyond those first 5 minutes and see what surprises there are. And often they're good surprises and I find that I get a level of satisfaction from deep gameplay that I don't get from, say, a brief thrill ride with Crazy Taxi or a quick blow'em-up with Shienryu or Battle Garegga.
I guess I am mixing up the vocabulary. You guys are right, I didn't mean to say classic games. I meant to say OLD and therefore plentiful games in my collection.

When you have a lot of something it is difficult to spend time appreciating one. This is what I keep telling my girlfriends. <_< lol
:agree with you, guys. That's why I don't download any games from the FTPs anymore. Do you remember the days when you only had a few games but you played and played until you mastered them? Even if the game was "not very good" :bs?

I guess it's the same story with girlfriends, but haven't had more than one at the same time
Whilst this is all well observed, it still doesn't excuse a badly made game with sadly unfulfilled potential.

You shouldn't have to wrestle with a game for hours before you can start to enjoy it because the controls are badly done.