Sonic Xtreme

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we may yet be able to play it. It seems among sega, several beta copies still float around, and word among the Sonic Community (SSRG, and sonic A51, for those who would know) is that someone is actually trying to buy a copy and turn it into an ISO.

But rather than the crappy sega saturn port (which articals show never got more than a level done), i would rather have the PC port (which started when the saturn version was scrapped and has 4 levels done, as well as 2 bosses (Fang the sniper and Metal Sonic).
no. Sonic Jam's Sonic world and sonic Xtreme are nothing alike. Sonic Xtreme was akin to Knuckles Chaotix I.E. you could run on walls as if there was a sphere in space. Also, Sonic Xtreme used 3D backgrounds with everything else being a 2D sprite.

If anything, Sonic Jam's world seems like an edited Sonic R engine.