SOVIETBORGS by Retro Sumus (Xenocider devs)


On November 9, 1989, 11:14 pm, the KGB's glorious electronic brain, Tovarishch-Prime, became self-aware, and immediately managed to take control of Arpanet, triggering the detonation of all capitalist thermo-nuclear devices inside their own silos.

Today, 25 years later, the West remains a nuclear wasteland. But like cockroaches, there are still some pockets of resistance and free-thinking threatening our workers' paradise. In these forsaken locations, new mutant races have emerged due to radiation and their sickening capitalist mind.

Fortunately, the Soviet People have developed a new unit of the illustrious Red Army, the SovietBorgs. Half man, half machine, all proletarian, they can go where no one else can, inmune to radiation, and liberate all new capitalist races from their pitiful existence.

Join the SovietBorgs. Become a part of their prestigious present and future, travel the world pacifying all the hotbeds of belligerence. Let the dream world of our venerable Tovarishch-Prime finally become a reality for all.

Let's pacify the West!

Only Tocarishch-Prime is eternal.


Some previous teasers: :D


Coming (hopefully) soon for Dreamcast, Mega Drive / Genesis and, well, who knows.