Swap trick

This is probably somewhere on the site but I can't find it so here goes....

If I burn a JAP game, take SF3Sc2 for example, then can I run it on my PAL Saturn using just the swap trick?

Do I need to put a JAP game in for the security check or could I use a PAL game?

Also, would it run in 60hz using the swap trick or is a mod chip needed?
Why not use Satconv (DOS or Win32) on the disc image (iso or bin)? Then you don't have to worry about it.

The game will only run at 60 Hz if you do the '60Hz mod' on your PAL Saturn.
You should use Satconv and convert the game to your console´s code country. I have tried swap trick in some saturns with games having different code countries and it´s extremely difficult to do the trick when the code is not correct. But, sometimes, you can do it, however, it´s very complex.
So all I have to do is use Satconv and it will run on my Pal Saturn?

Sweet. Thanks guys

Does the 60hz mod requires soldering? If so then I think I will just run it in 50hz.
The saved games are interchangable, no problems. The individual games are country specific though.

Scenario one :Japan and Taiwan/Philipines or US/Canada or Europe

Scenarios 2 and 3 and Premium Disc : Japan and Taiwan/Philipines only.