The DoS of the year

Nasty stuff.

Is that why I couldn't access VGR?
When I noticed that all my .jp and .kr links were not solving, I knew something was wrong on the net... Even as we speak, the massive packet drop ratio is making sites unreachable (refresh it a coulple of times and the site evetually will appear), the hit was very carefully timed, check the related graphics that will give a general of the situation :
That would explain the crappy browsing experience I've been having lately. Usually it's just Time Warner's fault, but I guess this time is isn't. God damn, I need to find me a cave to live in when everything finally falls apart :
still have never understood why those nerds out there do these kind of things. I guess its cause they're too scared to do a real prank where they have the slightest chance of getting caught
I heard about this on coast to coast am last night, but thought it was a reairing, since i couldn't find news on it last night or any any traces of it occuring.

I thought this was going to be a weird weekend. There's supposed to be some meteor that hits the earth today or something. but i doubt that's gonna happen.
coast to coast am sucks without art bell

that man was the voice of late night am radio

his replacement is a poor substitute
I think part of the problem with most DoS attacks, or worms like this one, is the lack of administrators patching their systems. This worm in particular uses a vulnerability that was discoverd in July. Granted M$ and other os vendors need to write better code, but they can only do so much to test. Even when they release patches and fixes, they are relying on system administrators to keep their systems up to date to prevent something like this to happen. So a lot of the blame should also go on the IT staff that supports and runs these servers.
you should equally point out that a lot of companies are at fault for the following reasons

is depts are always overworked, since most companies wont train their staff well enough to use the system,so the is dept ends up having to help out with a lot of unnecessary work (like replacing/cleaning somesones keyboard because most users wont touch anything on the system if it goes wrong)

also most is depts seem to be understaffed anyway, so this kind of activity takes what little time there is available to do things like security updates etc meaning that frequently they just dont get done
We haven't actually launched yet. That will happen in a few days. For now we have the forums up and will have the rest of the site there once we are done uploading and setting it up.
Umm.. yeah.

Misunderstanding on my part. Going on what others had said I assumed the site was open. ???