Thinking of Selling my DC Gun w/ Silent Scope feat


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I have a DC gun that works with Silent Scope that I might be parting with.

It's as good as new and they are pretty rare -- especially outside of Japan.


Would anybody be interested in it for $37 shipped and insured?

Pearl Jammzz

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Hmmm I might be interested.....the way you put it, it seems that the gun only works for silent scope...or this is the only gun that will work w/ silent scope. I thought all DC guns worked w/ all DC games...


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It works with all gun games, but most guns don't work with Silent Scope

Silent Scope requires you to zoom in and out with the "scope".

It's still a bit of a pain to get used to as opposed to the arcade version
I've got the same one. It works with all DC Lightgun games. It's got a switch to switch between normal, autofire/-reload and Silent Scope mode. I never played Silent Scope, why does it have to have an extra mode for that?


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Originally posted by BJammzz@Jun 10, 2003 @ 06:50 PM

hell whynot....i'll buy it. How does 35 even sound?

OK we'll see.

I might need to play with it a little more before I part with it.

Just wanted to test the waters here