This is a travesty!!!  Come show your love 4 Sega&#33

Right now, there is a poll going on where Tails from Sonic the hedgehog is being pitted against Alucard from One or two of the castlevania games to see which of the two is the more popular character. Somehow, thanks to those dang RPG fanboys, Alucard is winning. Luckily, he's barely winning, so I'd really appreciate it if everyone here would show their respect for sega and cast their vote for tails at

You don't need a user name to vote, just an IP that hasn't voted yet. Thanks everyone. Sonic and Tails forever!!!
Heh heh, I just voted for Alucard
Tails sucks assmuch. Alucard rules!
This is weird! Tails VS... Alucard. Didn't they find anyone better to compare with?

Alucard VS Dante or Tails VS Luigi for example.

They both kick azz. I don't vote for that stupid poll!!

("Tails forever" you did the wrong move my friend, there are more Sony fans here than Sega fans. You'll figure it out yourself in time).
Originally posted by Silender@July 05 2002,13:55

("Tails forever" you did the wrong move my friend, there are more Sony fans here than Sega fans. You'll figure it out yourself in time).

haha never said you were i'm not exactly the worlds greatest sega boy but i do like all there systems but i do like my nintendo and playstation and microsoft stuff too. are there any sega die hards around?
Yeah..Silender is right!This poll's just for 14-15 year olds!!

BTW..Respect to Alucard..Symphony of the Night/Nocturne in the Moonlight is my best game..4 years and still playing it!A truly masterpiece!

Um and i love Sega too..!(Master System was my first console)
(This will be a little off-topic)

Lucky you Hollywood Hasney!!! I wish I had your luck. Your situation is the best if you can afford it of course.

Well I used to be a Sega-boy back in the 16-bit era but now Sega is no more(as a console maker, kick azz as a third party). I don't like to be a XXX-boy I like to be Games'-boy (not Game boy, LOL). Yeah Sega is trully the best trird party developer out there. I want to believe that Sega will make a comeback cause I really miss them (foolish reason
). Do you think that Sega gone third party just for becoming popular to the gamers and after some years make another console? These guys (I mean Sega) drive me nuts cause they make damn perfect games for all the consoles and I don't know which to choose (if any owners[more than 2months] of a next gen console could give me his opinion I'll be gratefull). So many good games for three consoles:

Shinobi (PS2)

VF4 (PS2)

Shenmue (X-Box)

Panzer Dradoon Orta (X-Box)

PSO Episodes 1 & 2 (Gamecube)

VF RPG Project (Gamecube) [I've read it in many sites a month ago].

Damn I don't know!!!

*Silender runs*
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I don't like to be a XXX-boy

good, we wont see any naked pictures of silender around anywhere =).

haha, just kidding.[/b][/quote]


(Pssst Sgrom that was great[heh I didn't mentioned it when I wrote that])
More Sony fans? ???

I am one of the Sega boys, but I wouldn't vote for Tails, stupid whining deformed fox

That vote is really stupid so I aren't voting for either.
Want to see another stupid comparison?

I visited last night and saw them pit Duke Nukem vs. Iori from KOF!!?? Now this is a stupid comparison! (just like Tails vs. Alucard) who is the guy picking these matchups? :buck

What's next? Nintendo's Bowser vs. Axel Stone From Streets of Rage?
The matchups are already finished and if you watch them you'll die from laughs. Totaly fake thing! You can vote there as long you are connected. WOW What a fair thing! I can stay all night voting on one char. SUCK

Well i have way better things to do!
My guess is that they prolly chose the characters they wanted then did the matchups randomly... personally what I think is a travesty is that Pikachu is currently beatin Parappa the Rapper.