Thunder Force II


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Hey guys, I want to know, was Thunder Force II a launch title for the Genny? If not, is it a 1989 game?
Yup, it's a genesis title indeed. I didn't really like the game, at least, not as much as the sequels. The music rocks tho, and it's a nice title just for the sheer classicness of it. It's just that I don't really like the fact that you can go where you want, I rather like scrolling shooters, be it right-to-left scrollers or top-to-bottom scrollers.

And yes, Technosoft published the game in 1989
Okay cool! I really enjoy collecting launch/early/first generation titles for consoles. In Genny's case, all the games released in 1989, PSX - 1995 games, Saturn - 1995 games, NES any games before 1989, N64 - all games released before 1998. I like collecting these, mainly because I like seeing what the consoles early efforts were like. Not to mention, it, in a way (not really though...), kinda gives you the feeling you're actually playing the console AT launch.