Time Stalkers

not the game it's self, just why it was released in the u.s.

the improbability of a localization for this game is as high as a nice tentacle-hentai ****-fest adventure game being released totally uncencensored, after all

1:it's a role playing game and it has neith the words "final" nor "fantasy" in it's title

2: it's a really weird roleplaying game, the "walk around in town and talk to people" parts are normal as is the battle system, but the dungeon system's just plain bizarre ,ie.. main character can enter dungeon with only 4 items, every time dungeon is exited characters level resets to zero, a party can't be formed, but monster in the dungeon can be captured and used as part characters...

3: to compenstate for the fact that your characters level resets at the completeion of each dungeon climax made the game really easy instead of perfoming sublte alterations on it to make it playably challenging

4: it's a software company celebration game, like how super puzzle fighter has characters from all the capcom fighting games in it, except it's a climax celebration game, so i guess a large amount of it's apeal comes from the fact that you play framiliar characters which is great in japan, i think a whopping 1 of the source games actually had an american release.

don't get me wrong, i really like time stalkers, but the fact that i found it used at funcoland for like 7$ indicates that no one else does (i found evolution at blockbuster for 3$, i gues the randomly generated dungeon crawler was never destined to catch on in america).

why do i like this game?, i dunno!

but one of the first segements of dialouge is an instant video game classic, ranking right up there with "all your base.." and every line of dialouge from every neogeo/snk game ever made.

mutton the butler (a man-sized pink fluffy sheep in a butleresque suit): "i'm mutton, i'll be your butler"

sword (main character generic elf-vampire looking guy): "but you're a sheep"

mutton: "no, i'm mutton the butler"

oh yeah, this game also has yoghurt, climax's adorable helmet wearing hamster mascot in it, i seem to remember him from the genesis days, but damn if i can remeber which game he was in (does this mean 2 climax games saw u.s. releases?)

anyway, to close

BAN ME, or next i'll start ruminating on D2
i'd forgotten about the shining force games

unfortunantly the climax devil girl logo is sadly missing from the intro and the only developement team i remebered was sonic team. shining and the dark was released in the u.s. as shining in the dark and is probably one of the key reasons that when someone says "rpgs on genesis?" my repsonse is usually "hmm, phantasy star 2 was great, there was the sword of vermillion, it sucked but it had some neat graphics and music oh, and the door knock sound from it got sampled into a skinny puppy song" after that my brain turns itself off
You had forgotten about the Shining Force Games?

Doesn't the absence of the words "Final" and "Fantasy" mean good news?
i didn't forget about the shining force games (shining force 1 prevented me from selling my genesis when it came out), but i had forgotten that climax had anything to do with them.

i dunno, final fnatasy 7 was alright, just kinda long, but the backgrounds all looked really cool
Originally posted by Omar@June 13 2002,02:46

You had forgotten about the Shining Force Games?

Doesn't the absence of the words "Final" and "Fantasy" mean good news?

Have you ever played Shining Fantasy, Final Force, Final Shining, or Fantasy Force?
Why no characters from Dark Savior were tossed in the soup? I mean, the Garian/Jack duo could have made a grand return for all aficionados of the multi-parallel, jail-dwelling, chocolate-trading epic extravaganza. Even some baddies could have had their chance. How Climax had the nerve not to build on the unquestionable charm of such characters as Kurtliegen, dustbinman EvilSizer or J.J. the talking banana beats me.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to live with it.