VCD consoles

I was too early to find one, but I hear that Hong Kong sellers are now selling "VCD consoles". These are either MegaDrive or Famicom hardware hacks inside a Playstation 1 case!

The units were described as CD playing units hooked to actually reproduction hardware of the original console. They play VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, and CD's.


They have no cartridge slot because they can play ROMs off of the CD player!

I guess you can crap a bunch of roms on a CD and this thing has a menu system to read the disk and let you play games off the CD (not sold with the unit, of course).

I can understand a Dreamcast doing this, but how the heck did they do this with the old 8-bit Famicom?? It is amazing and I wish I had one -- this is comparable to the Treamcast discovery to me.

Has anyone heard anything about these systems or, better yet, have one? I could see everyone having the MD version. I was told it cost about HK$500. I would have bought it.
I saw a one that's a snes one time, wasn't shaped like a playstation though. Played roms directly off a cd, however since it's on a cd-rom you can't save any of the games
;. IMHO the only reason to get a snes is for the RPGs so that makes it fairly useless.
They had those since the dawn of time. Well ok, maybe not that long. But they had VCD players which play NES games, DVD players which play MD games, and other odds and ends for a while. And they also have the reverse (obviously) in which consoles can play VCDs/DVDs. They also had the portable Dreamcasts out on the streets for a while too, but it wasn’t until the mainstream English stores like Lik-Sang start pushing them before people in north amarica took notice. Actually pictures of such multi-players were posted long time ago on SX, but I forget exactly who posted them. Cecilia probably posted it, since she would know the most (Owner of such wonders), but I don't remember (Don't quote me on it)

Edit: I found the thread at:

And that was posted a long while ago, so this kinda stuff isn't new.
I remember seeing the Megadrive ones that were made by Shinco.. Never seen the SNES ones, are there any pictures floating around?