Virus coding course condemned


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Two groups of anti-virus professionals have condemned a new course starting in September at the University of Calgary that will teach students to write viruses and spyware. The course, called "Computer Viruses and Malware", will focus on how to write viruses, worms and Trojan horses. The course is aimed at people who will eventually work in the anti-virus industry. However some professionals already working in this industry are not happy about students learning to write more of this malware as part of their university degree program. For details see,3959,1109335,00.asp

WHAT!! They think these kids will use this knowledge to prevent viruses? HA, i laugh, no wonder we had such bad torrorist problems. They probly had a class called, "how to suicide bomb" in hopes the would try to prevent it.
"Real virus writers already have all the access to virus creating tools they need."

If one really has the initiative to learn how to write a virus, one can find these materials online anyway. It really doesn't bother me that they're doing this.

Having a formal class on this might make virus writing less underground... not much fun if everyone else knows how to do it too.
Akuma --> I don't get why they worry. Isn't that the same as someone learning how a virus infects a human? Doctors learn those things, but most don't go around trying to kill people. Then again I guess its more easy to write code than to manufacture agents.
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