WANTED:Dreamcast Sega Smash Pack

Not sure how many volumes were made but im looking for Volume 1. Unless its NEW/Sealed or import i dont plan on spending more than 10 buck on it. If its Used I ask that it be in mint condition. Post here, PM or e mail me to discuss.

there was only 1 volume released.

be aware though that the sound emulation for the genesis games is TERRIBLE i mean insultingly disgustingly bad, so any money you shell out will ultimately just be purchasing a copy of virtua cop 2 and sega swirl. while virtua cop 2 is the 2nd best light gun game for the dreamcast if you don't have a light gun sega swirl is not worth 10$
Phantasy Star II even with bad sounds is enough to get this comp.

Glad i have it.
hmmm, thanks for the heads up. I got it and am waiting for it in the mail (so this thread is no longer really needed) and was really pumped to play Altered Beast, Shinobi and Golden axe again, but now it seems they all suck?
the audio is well, imagine a genesis soundtrack reprogramed for an atari vst.

for about 20$ more you could've picked up a genesis and copies of altered beast, golden axe and the revenge of shinobi.