what game is this from ?

IMO...it sounds like somthing AM2/3 would use in a beat-em-up.....do you have the full track?...can you post it on the net somewhere....(i play too many games and hear alot of BGM...and in the short 11 secs, it is kinda hard to tell.......but i go with my first answer....
Personally, I'd say it's from the ship selection screen of a shmup, but I have no idea which one. CHAZumaru, are you sure this isn't considered cheating?
I'm at work and my office computer is a P.O.S. - but I'll be happy to check the .wav out at home if you send me a reminder in a private message (please).

antime: just curious - what did you mean by cheating? How?
If you check the site the sound clip is hosted on you'll find a French gaming site. They're hosting a game trivia contest (with cash prizes) and CHAZumaru has been posting the questions here for help. (He did say it was for a contest in one of his threads, but neglected to mention that there's money involved.)
You can ask anyone's help, the only risk being that you can lure :

1/other contestants to see the answer posted

2/other people to try to win the contest.

Actually I come from this second category. A question was asked on a forum I usually post in, and I decided to take part in the contest (150$ to win) ^^

I managed to come back on everybody and am first now, for anyone who'd care about that ^^;

The trouble is that you have to get the money in their shop in a small lost town in France and I have no idea how to get there in case I'd win °_°