What is Fanta Step for Saturn?


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A game I'm looking for :D but unfortunately I have only covers and a few information about it.




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I finally was able to play Fanta Step during 4 hours :D . It's a nice adventure game with great design/graphics. The gameplay can be compared to Monkey Island's gameplay, you move your character through the screen and you can move the cursor to a selectable object (door, keys, gold, etc ..).

On those selectable object / people you can do five actions :

- use you hand : to open a door, hit someone, take an object.

- use your foot : to climb over a table, kick something.

- use your mouth : to tzlk with someone.

- use you ears : to listen to external sound.

- use your eyes : to have a look on something.

So you have to solve many riddles during the story, it seems to be really varied, it goes from finding the way to take the train to go underworld, to release a girl in a castle. Now I'm in an new world, it's a circus world where I have to make tasks like a tightrope walker for instance.

For me, it's a good game, I'm not sure there is an another 3D adventure game like that on Saturn. I like to play it and I'm sure other people will like it if they find it. It's not a perfect decription of that game but I'm not used to make a review or to retranscribe the universe of a game. :blush: