What the hell is Shenmue saturn?

The game Shenmue was originally planned for the Saturn, but since the Saturn died too quickly, it was canned and brought over to the DC instead. Now you know.
I believe the video is footage of it that is included in Shenmue 2, as opposed to it being made by someone who has a beta Saturn Shenmue.
When you finish Shenmue 2 you unlock the video that shows the Saturn version.

Chances are you will never see the Beta released. The game is rumored to have been developed using a hardware add-on for the Saturn to increase its 3D capabilities. Until Suzuki-san explains further though, it's just speculation.
Do you think we could some how contact sega or some one that works or had worked for them and maybe make a bargin with them for the betas of sonic and shemnue
I kinda doubt they would do it. But it would be cool for them to include a beta of Saturn Shenmue as a limited edition package with one of the Shenmue 3 when they make that.
I don't think their is any way they would "make a deal" for sonic or shenmue's saturn beta's. Besides, from what I have gathered, sonic xtreme for saturn (I belive thats what you are refering to), was never able to be played on the system, it never got past the stages where it was strictly pc testing and developing. Supposingly the warp view effect that the game employed was, later in development, found to not be possible on the saturn, so it never made it to the saturn beta stages. I have heard some rumors of a supposed sonic Jam 2, which some people said might have the game in it, seeing as how the effect should be easy to accomplish on the DC, but SJ2 is still just a rumor, so don't get your hopes up. As for what was said about a hardware attachment being used to make shenmue possible on saturn, I would have to say that it has to be true, the polygon count and draw in rate on the video is just not possible on the saturn otherwise.
Well, SonicXtreme was quite finished when they stopped development. There was even a demo with four levels released on E3. Sega have confirmed this. Check it out at my page.
Their was no demo at e3, only video footage. The footage was from gameplay on the development comps, not a playable version on saturn. I have the footage myself if you want it.
So there wasn´t any demo. I mailed Sega about it, and they said i couldn´t get the demo. So i suppose there was one. Also a friend of mine said that he had played it. But oh well. I have a movie from it, but if you have any other information, please mail it to me. Thanks.

I have also heard some rumors about Ecco for Saturn. Does anyone knows something about that?
By the demo they were probly just refering to the beta, sega techs don't know anything about the company they work for, from my experience at least. And by they way, your friend is completly full of it, trust me, no one out side of sega's higher circles has played that game, he would practicaly have to know the president of the entire company personaly to get the chance of playing it. As for ecco, I tried to find some info on it, but I wasn't able to find any, only some stuff one the cancled ecco for 32x.