Wonderboy is back !!!!


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maybe a low budget game, it's made with "game atelier". Former Westone employee will participate. I don't see why Westone didn't do that before closing, there was even the possiblity to run a kickstarter campaign.


This one I can definitely get behind, it looks great!

I love how it tries to make a nice visual upgrade/progression built around the older game play mechanics I know and love, instead of the trend of pixel art combined with modern game mechanics.
well, just to say i got the game, it's really worth the price, really long, lot of secrets, a real new chapter of Monster World/ Wonder boy series.
Get it if you don't have it yet !!!


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I second VBT's recommendation. I played on PS4 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Only gripe was there were certain optional challenge areas that I didn't know were optional. Some of those were frustrating difficult and gave little reward at the end. Overall though highly recommended.
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