Hey guys,

I was intrested in the WonderSwan due to its slim size, but does it have any fighting games other than Guilty Gear Petite? Also, are games still made for it, or is it considered finished in its life cycle? I know it has many RPG games, but it also has Tatical simulators as well as a few puzzle.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Dunno about games, but wasn't a new version (Swan Crystal) with an improved screen just released? That would sort of imply it's not a dead system yet.
WonderSwan is far from dead dude. Go check out bandai's release list. There's loads of games from all kinds of developers still coming out on it. Apparantly Bandai has even bigger plans for it in the future and there's been talk about it becoming a portable multimedia system.
They should bring the system stateside, I'm also interested in getting one, If I cant get one made specifically for the US. I'll buy the Jap model.
Has anyone played this system, I am interested in it, but couldn't find much in the way of feedback on the web? thanks
The wonderswan is an rpg gamers paradise...12 (soon to be 13) squaresoft rpgs alone ain't bad. It's quite dead now only getting 1 or 2 games a month released. Heck even DC is getting more at this point. VGR has the complete game list so you can use the search functions there to find the types of games you want. It's complete and upto date as far as released games go.

As for the system...it's better than GBC worse than GBA. Then again it's also based on 5 year old technology at this point.