Yes! I did it.

1st of all, i want to thank TakaIsSilly, Charles Doty and Jim Skilskyj (without them it will be impossible).

Here is my first public port of phoenix emu to saturn. I just used the _first_ version of this emu by Jim Skilskyj, so dont expect much of it (it's used pseudographics and dont have key input). THE MAIN target of this is to check is it possible to port/wrote emu for saturn.

Here is the links:

ISO image:

Screen shots (running on ssf emu):



WBR, Denis (aka Dagolar)
hmm... works for me ok.

try to ping (maybe you need to wait little longer?)

anyway, i will try to upload it on another server.

(to ALL: please, msg if you can d/l from
Good to hear that someone here has stuff to release :). I really need to get to work on that AR flasher... hehe.

Anyway, what kind of libs and features of the Saturn is this emu using?

Seems that dont' allow to all non .ru hosts dowloading files from it.

so, the only place i found for uploading is still


in directory Sega saturn uploads, file SATPHX01.ZIP (~85kb)

To ExCyber:

Generally, it's uses only cd accesing lib from sgl for loading phoenix roms off cd (the code by Takashi) and all other stuff done by sgl.h

no any extra features
Thank you, Arakon.

By the way, tommorow, ill try to upload updated version (ljust a little cosmetic fixes + enabling background layer(really, super glith) + uptodate source code.
Thank you :)

But really, it's a very simple project. Original sources by Jim is very high portable (and why not - it's even dont utilize graphics). I only rewroted file loading procedure (and it's was yours :) and little (very little) changed VideoDraw function... hm.. seems that it's all.

But to see running this on saturn (actually i use daemon/ssf) is really cool (even with those annoying garbage).

Just need to add control emulation and remove garbage from screen.