Zelda OoT lost and found new enemy!

There's lots of interesting things hidden or forgotten in N64 carts, Goldeneye has a test level that was not complete but you can still acess it and look around.
The solution is quite simple...dunno if it says in the article, but it's Gamesharked.
Dark Links, Big Octo, spirit temple ship...nothing really special.
The article says it was from a Gameshark code. The likely case is that it was included in the game (seeing as it looks really natural to how the game is) but only the developers were able to access it. This is true because Miyamoto created Star Fox and most video game developers (especially Miyamoto) put their other franchises in their latest games for easter eggs and testing. The Gameshark, being designed to reconfigure the game's original code, is able to unlock this special feature. Another similar event is the hidden levels in the Wind Waker (i. e. the Block level and the never-ending baddies level).

In any case, it's still a pretty neat feature.
The loach, if I remember, was a huge fish you could catch while fishing in the pond. I've enevr caught it...menna weigh loads. Or...that could be my friend having me on, but I'm not sure.
Oh ya, lol. I remember that thing, he was a bitch to catch and reel in. I got him tons though....been a LONG time since I have played that, been holding my Zelda addiction back so it'll build up for TP.
You talking about that 21 pound fish (it was either 20 or 21, I forget because it's been so long), yeah it was a bitch to catch. It was a bitch to get to your lure, too. The secret lure was needed to catch the sucker, and even after that it puts up quite a struggle. Me? I caught it a couple of times (not bragging or anything) and each time took a while. I sure hope they have bigger fish in TP. It would be funny if they had one as big as Del Lago from Resident Evil 4.

But, actually, I think the "loach" they refer to is the Arwing and not the fish. Reason being is when they first spot the Arwing in the video, one of the players says "there it is, the Hyrulean loach".
thanks dude, the right click download worked ^^ but its really weird, however slight problem, theyve only shown game shark codes, We in the UK only have Action Replay for the Gamecube, not Gameshark -__-