Zero Tolerance


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When this game first came out it was really cool since it was the only game I knew of like doom on my friends pc. The gfx were awesome and I loved the gameplay. Ahhhh, fond fond memories of this game....
i got this game last year and i was realy impressed -- after doom came out i hadn't played a good comparable game (at that time)

personaly i think its better than doom on the 32x - graphics are good - and its pretty fun -- i hadnt played it much after i got it but i was just blown away by it and thought it was a much better doom clone than the other clones out at the time
Try playing it on the nomad, hehe
Yeah, this game is cool. Its a nice idea that you can chose different characters that are good on different things. Also, the way the blood floats down a wall after you have shoot an enemy near it is kinda cool. Many of the newest FPS games dont have this neat feature

However, i still thinkBloodshot : Battlefrenzy is the best FPS on Genesis.
This game really impressed me, although once you figure out that the aliens only run towards you when you are facing them makes it a little easy.

Really cool effects - outdoor areas, secret rooms, fog/smoke. It is just fun all the way.
Yeah - I think that is a a legal release. The developers gave it to the community - can't remember where to find it though...
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Feb 10, 2003 @ 06:48 PM

Try playing it on the nomad, hehe

yep i played it on the nomad good stuff, but corporation is good on the nomad and bloodshot is like gloom on the amiga,

still working on the link cable to connect the mega drive and the nomad together over zero tolerance i'll post when i get it done.