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    Cheap SNES? - Where the crap can i get one

    Online stores are always selling them for ridiculous prices. $60-100, and no pawn shops in my area have them, does anyone know where i can get on for cheap?
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    i'm sad

    That pic looks photoshoped. but maybe thats just me.
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    burning .rar's in toast

    i see that you can expand the .rar's in stuffit and get the iso, or tracks etc, but some of the MP3's come out bad that way. Can i burn the rar's just straight in toast? thanks
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    I didnt know they mad Rockman X3 for the Genesis!

    I was browsing through and saw video game pics for Rockman X3. What id give to have this! im a huge megaman fan, but none are on ebay (for the genesis). anyone have a ROM?
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    Sega CD not working

    it was manufactured october 1993, and it is a top load
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    Sega CD not working

    duhhhh...Durham, NC. next to raliegh. i know its a model II sega genises, and i guess a model II sega cd, the genises goes into its side.
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    Sega CD not working

    lol well i used a 12V that fitted, and it didnt work. the guy off ebay didnt give me a power adaptor for some reason, so is anyone willing to sell? {:o)
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    Sega CD not working

    bloody ebay #######
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    Sega CD not working

    nope. i have the black screen since its reading no game, and when i move it around like you said i get a sound equivelent to how much i move it on the TV speakers. do i need to use an offical sega power unit?
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    Sega CD not working

    nope, used a cleaning kit on the contacts just now. still does nothing
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    Sega CD not working

    i just got a sega cd, and i have it hooked into my genesis II, and it always is dead. I dont know what the "Mixer" port is, and im using an unofficial power adaptor, but its still fits and 9V. so the symtom is that it just sits there and doesnt turn on. what gives?
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    System Collection

    ebay is your best bet. they go for around 90 bucks though. most you people hate ebay, but its because you dont know how to use it. its quite simple, just wait to the end to bid and be sure to get it, or just set up proxy bidding.
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    Basic Burning How To

    Im just wondering how to Burn Sega CD games. I have all the MP3 Files, a ISO, and then a .cue. How must i go about burning these? what order? all on seperate sessions or not? thanks. Im using toast on a mac but just tell me the main jist and ill get it.