burning .rar's in toast


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i see that you can expand the .rar's in stuffit and get the iso, or tracks etc, but some of the MP3's come out bad that way. Can i burn the rar's just straight in toast? thanks


Rar is a compression format. If the mp3s are coming out bad then the archives may be corrupted.


stuffit may not be the best decompresser either though. Since you are using stuffit, i assume that you are on a mac. You might want to ask Lockecole2 what he uses to compress/decompress.


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macrar is the best rar client, never use stuffit for rars.

and no, rar is compression(redudant i know, but i dont care), and will not convert by quicktime ;) you may want to retry downloading the rars if you're getting bad/corrupted music.