Save Data Manager on Burned CD?


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I'm trying to use @cafe-alpha 's Save Data Manager V6.483 by burning pskair_sdm.iso from pskai_release_20211113. On Yabause it looks like it works. On my real Saturn (via swap-trick) I can get it to boot to the "Saturn Save Data Manager -- V6.483" title bar and then nothing. It looks like something is happening with the CD but I don't get any further. Any one else have this issue? Am I burning the correct ISO? Thanks in advance.

It's possible my CD drive is going bad, but other games (and burns) work. I reburned at a lower speed well.
Please burn Save Data Manager v6.437 as-is, or patch SDM v6.483 with Pseudo Saturn patcher utility (tools\cdpatch.exe) prior to burning. I don't think Pseudo patched games can be loaded with the swap trick so you'll want to go with v6.437 which has the SMPC pad tester that you're looking for.

There's a bug where recent versions of SDM fail to load from CD-R via Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite unless it's Pseudo patched, but I wasn't aware that it also occurs when loading SDM via the swap trick (full firmware loads unpatched SDM fine, though). I informed @cafe-alpha about this bug a while ago, hopefully he can fix it.
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@privateye reported me this issue recently and there was similar reports on other SNS too, so your CD-ROM drive is not going bad. Please don't trash it.

I will try to fix this issue but TBH I have no idea of what is causing that. If lucky then it shall be fixed in next public release :)
(Just for the information : this issue was caused by Save Data Manager wrongly thinking that it was booting from an environment with Satiator ODE already initialized and because of that it was endlessly waiting from the answer of a command to Satiator which was causing the almost black screen on startup)