Save Data Manager on Burned CD?


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I'm trying to use @cafe-alpha 's Save Data Manager V6.483 by burning pskair_sdm.iso from pskai_release_20211113. On Yabause it looks like it works. On my real Saturn (via swap-trick) I can get it to boot to the "Saturn Save Data Manager -- V6.483" title bar and then nothing. It looks like something is happening with the CD but I don't get any further. Any one else have this issue? Am I burning the correct ISO? Thanks in advance.

It's possible my CD drive is going bad, but other games (and burns) work. I reburned at a lower speed well.
Please burn Save Data Manager v6.437 as-is, or patch SDM v6.483 with Pseudo Saturn patcher utility (tools\cdpatch.exe) prior to burning. I don't think Pseudo patched games can be loaded with the swap trick so you'll want to go with v6.437 which has the SMPC pad tester that you're looking for.

There's a bug where recent versions of SDM fail to load from CD-R via Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite unless it's Pseudo patched, but I wasn't aware that it also occurs when loading SDM via the swap trick (full firmware loads unpatched SDM fine, though). I informed @cafe-alpha about this bug a while ago, hopefully he can fix it.
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@privateye reported me this issue recently and there was similar reports on other SNS too, so your CD-ROM drive is not going bad. Please don't trash it.

I will try to fix this issue but TBH I have no idea of what is causing that. If lucky then it shall be fixed in next public release :)