Does Panzer Dragoon 1 have an IP.BIN file?

I have my own (legally purchased) ripped version of Panzer Dragoon 1. It has about 73 files.
The first file is 1ST_READ.PRG. Which should be loaded first at start up.

On Yabause 9.14 that gets loaded at 0x06004000.
At the 2nd Sega screen, an IP.BIN type file get's loaded at 0x06000C00 and fully again at 0x06002000.
This has the correct size at offset E1 and correct 1st read address at offset F1 (0x06004000), with the M-stack and S-stack set.
This points to 1ST_READ.PRG the 1st read address.

My question is I have looked at SEGALOGO.DAT, and SEGALOGO.PRG in a hex editor and can't find an IP.BIN like file.
53454741 (SEGA) is what I have been searching for.
I could potentially write a C program to search for the strings in all 73 files but was asking if someone knew the answer before I dedicated that time in writing such program.

Panzer Dragoon (3/9/1995) and Virtua Fighter (3/28/1995) are at least in my research the oldest games.
So, it might have been before full IP.BIN implementation.

Anyways any help is greatly appreciated?

Sorry forgot the reason.
I am using assembly .incbin with the first read file and a modified linker script to load it where IP.BIN points to.
I have been able to load SegaRally and other games with IP.BIN + first reads into an emulator as barebones as possible.

Yes I could make my own IP.BIN for Panzer Dragoon but how does the real CD actually work properly on real hardware?
All Saturn games have an "IP.BIN". It is stored in the first 16 sectors of the disc, which is outside the file system. To access it, you need to rip the disc into an image (or use some other method that does raw disc access).
While using PowerIso is not the easiest solution it worked. I was able to find the IP.BIN and SEC1 SEC2 files in LBA 0 and 1.
512KB IP.BIN size checks out (0x8000) and 06004000 1st read address.

Thanks again Antime.


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