1. M

    Does Panzer Dragoon 1 have an IP.BIN file?

    I have my own (legally purchased) ripped version of Panzer Dragoon 1. It has about 73 files. The first file is 1ST_READ.PRG. Which should be loaded first at start up. On Yabause 9.14 that gets loaded at 0x06004000. At the 2nd Sega screen, an IP.BIN type file get's loaded at 0x06000C00 and...
  2. derek (ateam)

    Dreamcast IP.BIN Patcher 1.0

    Dreamcast IP.BIN Patcher A utility to apply both region flag and region text patches to a Dreamcast IP.BIN file. This utility will patch both the single-byte region flag(s) starting at offset 0x30 (decimal 48), and the 28-byte region text string(s) starting at offset 0x3704 (decimal 14084)...