Panzer Dragoon Saga (USA) GameShark Issues

Hi all. Thanks for reading. As far as I can tell, this hasn't specifically been discussed before. Done a pretty extensive deep dive of it on the internet and can't find any real discussion or a solve (reddit, GameHacking, and here). It pertains to the PDS "Please Remove Cartridge" debacle. I'm running a real copy of the game on a real Saturn with a physical GameShark, that works with countless other Saturn games I own.

There are some PDS codes floating out there, the most notable of which were posted by a guy name "Helder" here.

Master Code seems to be fine. What's interesting is that his bypass code doesn't work on my GameShark, however another found online that changes the first frame to a 0 (instead of 1) works?

16002EB0 0009 (does NOT work)
06002EB0 0009 (works)

My understanding is limited, but all that digit changes is that the code is only applied once versus over and over, is that right?

These codes do not work/trigger the "Please Remove Cartridge" screen.
"Max Dyne"​
1604A6F4 0098+1604A6F6 967F​
"Max EXP"​
1604A6DC 0098+1604A6DE 967F​
"Infinite BP"​
1604A6D0 270F​
"Infinite HP"​
1604A6CC 270F​

So anyway. I can't get any of his other codes to work. It seems the "1" in the first frame of these codes triggers the "Please Remove Cartridge" message no matter what. But if you turn other codes off, and only run the *corrected* bypass code above, it works again. Based on some GameHacking forums chatter from 2016 or so, someone else brought the same thing to Helder's attention, but it just sort of fell off. Doesn't seem like a work-around or solution was determined (namely for retail copy/real hardware users)! Wondering if anyone smarter than me knows how to get these to work.
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Following up on this:

Here's a solve that is working for me. Note this different Master Code only turns the cheats on for 3 seconds, so the only one that stays active is the Dyne, which might be worth it. You tap the reset button to make them activate. It will occasionally freeze the game. Maybe someone smarter than me can figure out a Master Code that applies these permanently, and/or more effectively.

Master Code:

(Tap Reset Button to Activate Cheats)
  • F6000914 230B
  • B6002800 0000
Boot Code (NTSC-U/PAL):
  • 06002EB0 0009
Infinite BP:
  • 1604A6D0 270F
Infinite HP:
  • 1604A6CC 270F
Max Dyne:
  • 1604A6F4 0098
  • 1604A6F6 967F
Max EXP:
  • 1604A6DC 0098
  • 1604A6DE 967F
The Max EXP cheat sadly doesn't allow for you to level up.