Unknown Sega Saturn VA# / Want to Replace PSU

Afternoon (or morning) to all of you!

I just recently bought a used white jap Sega Saturn on eBay w/ a jap copy of Virtua Cop 2.. this is my second Saturn and planned to install a Fenrir in it. All was well when testing the Saturn, played a few rounds of Virtua cop 2 and was pleased..so I went ahead and bought a Fenrir ode. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I just installed the Fenrir with the original ribbon cable (with plans to keep the others as backups) when installing I noticed a very strong electronic smell coming from the psu.. and now has me worried that is about to go, the Fenrir works fine, but I want to be safe knowing how old the system is.

This is where my problem starts, in my original Saturn with phoebe I installed a Resaturn and it was pretty much straight forward.. but for the life of me I cant figure out what this model is or if its some kind of Frankenstein Saturn put together with different components.

The Model is HST-3220 and Serial is P77 037169, made in Japan / Sanwa Denki S... inside the system there is a long psu with no voltages listed on the board as well looks like a custom mount for the Power Button. I've spent the last couple of hours scouring the web trying to find what the exact VA # is with mixed results.. VA15/VA7/VA2? I found the same Psu is in a jpn model on this page-> Link (Sega Saturn Model 1, JPN, VA2) but has model 1 power buttons/light. I rather not cause any damage to my board by setting the wrong jumpers on my Resaturn and I have never really used a multi meter or have one.. does anyone have any insight or dealt with this before? Any help will be appreciated!



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All the 5 pin NTSC power supplies should follow the same voltages as listed in the link you referenced:

Power supply: 5-pin Type B (GND, GND, 3.3V, 5V, 9V)

The ground pins are closest to the front of the system. The 9V rail is closest to the rear of the system.