Problem with Sega Saturn (Model 2) CD Access LED Mod

Hello people,

I have a PAL Sega Saturn Model 2 and I wanted to try the famous CD Access Led mod, by soldering 100 Ohm resistor to the R48 pads and then the Red Led to the controller board which is separated from my motherboard by a ribbon cable and already has the spot for the led. But it doesn't work. My motherboard is the VA Pal SD 17371A.
I have continuity from R48 to ground and to transistor L7 and also to the Pin 6 of the CN4 connector to the CD drive which is an EXL-P604 drive . Also I think the resistor is well soldered because I have continuity from each side of the resistor to the test pads on the mainboard PCB and also it reads 105 Ohms. The led also works when tested with multimeter and I have continuity from one side to ground and the other to the PIN in the ribbon connector so it's well soldered. What could be wrong? I was wondering maybe I have to swap the CD drive for the one installed in the Model 1 Saturn? Where can I pick access signal?
Could you kindly help me to sort this out please?
I've attached here some pics of my saturn, the motherboard, cd drive and what is made.
Thank you in advance for your attention and kind help.