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    Pet hates..

    sony and ms both manage just fine whilst selling consoles that die unexpectly soon after purchase case in point : my xbox started to fail to read discs shortly after i brought it, same has happened to 2 other xbox owners i know, ps2 tens to survive enough to be out of warranty then dies (at...
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    Anybody with PSO for xbox?

    is it seriously true that the xbox version requires xbox live to play offline?
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    Just played PSO for Gamecube in 4 player mode...

    its not that bad really worst thing is playing it on a small tv on 4 player
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    Computer problems

    make a directory on the harddisk in dos copy the contents of the win98 directory on the cd to there then when windows asks for files off the cd point it there instead but everyone else is right about saying you really should format it and start again and cd writers arent exactly expensive...
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    gc pso and the bba

    according to another page these are the ports Gamecube Phantasy Star Online TCP 9000-10000 UDP 40975,41231,41487,41743 still couldnt get it to work though
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    gc pso and the bba

    does anyone know what ports need fowarding to get the gc pso working with winroute?
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    Must Have Games

    doh i should have said samba de amigo, not chu chu i would explain how i mixed those 2 up, but im not entirely sure how i managed it
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    Phantasy Star Online bought used

    its fun till youve completed it a few times it kinda lacks any variety offline, and gets highly repetive something to note (if you got the game used with a serial number) is that you can use any serial on any number of dc's, but your only able to go online with that serial on one dc (the first...
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    Must Have Games

    grandia 2 is also a good game to pickup for the dc the only really expensive game for dc is chuchu rocket with the controller
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    Why dont you post? - ... just seems odd...

    test test test
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    A question

    and if your having problems with burning it, a trick that usualkly works is to mount the image using daemon tools then just copy it to a cdr from there using your normal copying software
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    V-Rally 2 on DC

    same thing happened with sa2 took 3 discs to eventually get one that worked
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    Computer Question

    i hope for the sake of your eyes that you have a proper monitor this also shows why i personally prefer consoles for games over pc's
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    you could also use nero to burn the game if you build a cuesheet for it you can build a cuesheet using the sega cuesheet maker you also might need to patch the iso if your playing on the real hardware (which i dont think you are) if you are using gens, note that you dont need to burn the disc...
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    Sonic CD Beta

    and there is so many versions (3) because those are the various rips that have been leaked one way or another during development the number afterwards defines the date is was from (either 409,510 or 712 (4th sept, 5th oct or 7th dec)