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    See this thread - it tells you all you need to know;t=2118 Mike
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    guest appearances by sega consoles on tv shows

    It was a Lynx. I remember because he was playing with it, yet there was no actual cartridge in the machine, just like the GG in Rumble in the Bronx. Mike
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    Broken Genesis?

    It could be bad video RAM. Mike
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    md1/genesis1 rgb cable

    The RGB output level of the MD/Genesis is very high, and can result in a very bright (or even distorted) picture on a normal European TV with RGB SCART input. The resistors are there to reduce the RGB signal voltages to within standard SCART tolerances. The reason for including capacitors is...
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    md1/genesis1 rgb cable

    I've done a crappy diagram for a SCART cable which might make things a little bit clearer: Those black rectangles are resistors, by the way! Also, you can get the proper 8-pin DIN plug from Maplin in the UK, code FG40T. Mike
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    Fixing genesis carts

    The fact that the "PRODUCED BY..." screen appears shows that the Genesis is able to read the ROM header, so that's something, at least. I think more cleaning is in order, and I would personally recommend using Isopropyl alcohol rather than anything citrus-based. Soak a cotton bud (Q-tip) in the...
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    New Mega Drive from Tec Toy

    Ouch - that's nearly 65 British pounds (or $100 US!) Is everything so expensive in Brazil? How much does a Dreamcast, PS2, X-Box or Gamecube cost, for example? Mike
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    Backup Batteries dead

    No, that only applies to Lithium Ion batteries, such as those used in the Sega CD (for the back-up RAM) and Dreamcast (for the clock and user settings) - they do recharge when the console is turned on. The standard lithium batteries used in cartridges aren't rechargeable, but they do last a...
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    Yes, you need to use a Genesis 1 AC Adapter, not Genesis 2. The Genesis 2 adapter has the wrong polarity. How did this end up in the Master System forum, by the way? Mike
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    how rare are geny 3's?

    how rare are geny 3's? I actually find the Genesis 3 very useful, simply because it's so bloody tiny! My rotten old Mega Drive 1 is far too big and bulky to lug round friends' houses, whereas the Genny 3 is small enough to fit into my coat pocket. Plus, it has novelty appeal. Inevitably people...
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    sega cd  best cdr

    Dearie me. I'm not going to start talking about bottoms on this forum! Seriously, I generally stick to Verbatim DataLifePlus - those are the "Metal Azo" discs, made by Mitsubishi, that have a very dark blue bottom. They've worked consistently well for me over the last few years (and not just...
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    Sega Megadrive 1 NTSC/PAL mod.

    Well, it doesn't actually say you can play CDs from any country. It says you can use a CD *system* from any country, and play games (meaning cartridge games) from any country. It could do with some clarification, though. Mike
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    What's your username mean?

    What's your username mean? Er, it's just my name, weirdly enough...   Mike
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    Raijin, Calm down matey! First you're saying your 32X "KILLED" your Genesis (in another thread), now you're telling someone "AAAAAGH! DO NOT!!!!" use a Genesis 1 power supply on the Master System. The world of Sega consoles ain't that dangerous, and I wouldn't have bloody well told him to...
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    Yes, 'fraid so. Mike