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    post your saturn shoot em up collections

    what about stellar assault ss? anyone played that?
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    cover scan requests

    damn rysley!!! DAMN! i guess I wont be needing to request anything anymore
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    cover scan requests

    are cover scan requests ok?
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    saturn bomberman

    NO SILLY! The way rars work, is that all the rar files (seven in your case) contribute to that one iso and 30+mp3s. When you unrared it with Winrar, it automatically used all of the files.
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    Sheinryu Burning Problems

    It was set to european country code! I never check the region encoding, because I have a USA/JPN switch installed and always assume its one or the other. DOH!
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    Sheinryu Burning Problems

    ive burned it multiple times, and I know its not my swapping because Ive swapped tons of discs. I guess its just a bad rip, but it seems odd since so many people have it on their FTP sites. I also used this bin chunker program to convert it to iso+wav. The wav file seems fine, and i tried...
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    Sheinryu Burning Problems

    Ive burned tons of games, but the one I am having problems with is shienryu. This is like the last shooter I need for my collection!!! Anyways, I downloaded it at several places and the rar is about 30 MB. I was skeptical because it didnt have any audio files with it, and the game just seemed...
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    what the hell happened to the FTP forum?

    Ive been gone a while, and noticed the FTP forum is gone... what the hell happened?
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    Questions about iso's, cue sheets, and errors..

    Questions about iso's, cue sheets, and errors.. well, you might get better results if you posted this in the tech forum. i think your problem is the first line of the cue sheets. it sometimes may include the incorrect directory path. all you need to do is open it up with notepad and delete the...
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    yes the voice sounds shitty- its not the rip
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    Groove on fight

    I figured it was due to silence in the beginning of the tracks. Yes, I think it does suck quite a bit. But I dont know- some people really like it.
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    Groove on fight

    Does it take about 4 seconds in the fight for the music to start? Or is my copy messed up and i need to make a new cue sheet or something?
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    Saturn region mod

    Can someone please direct me to a site with nice directions and pictures for the sega saturn region mod switch? Also, is a dpdt with on-on the correct switch for the job? like this one at radio shack?