Sheinryu Burning Problems

Ive burned tons of games, but the one I am having problems with is shienryu. This is like the last shooter I need for my collection!!!

Anyways, I downloaded it at several places and the rar is about 30 MB. I was skeptical because it didnt have any audio files with it, and the game just seemed small. Anyways I dont get crap when I try and boot it up. Is the file incomplete or what?

Any help is appreciated.
I've got some answers, but no definite solution.

I don't know exactly how much compression has been used with the RAR, but the iso itself is 34.8MB and there is one audio track that is 1min 5secs long.

It could be a bad rip, a bad burn, bad swapping (if you are) or it could be that it is looking for an audio track and crashes when it doesn't find one. It mightn't be any of those, but from the information you've given that's about all I can think of.
ive burned it multiple times, and I know its not my swapping because Ive swapped tons of discs. I guess its just a bad rip, but it seems odd since so many people have it on their FTP sites.

I also used this bin chunker program to convert it to iso+wav. The wav file seems fine, and i tried burning it this way- but still it didnt work. I guess i got to keep looking.
It was set to european country code! I never check the region encoding, because I have a USA/JPN switch installed and always assume its one or the other. DOH!