YZB's 4MB hacks


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I decided to make a thread to keep track of YZB's 4MB hacks since he is a chinese person and obviously posts in a chinese message board and only uploads to Baidu, which is a pain to register and use outside of China.
After hours researching, I was able to create an account there and install their trojan app on my computer to download the games.
I will provide mediafire links to the latest updates.

These hacks only work with the Action Replay 4 MB, not the original Sega one and can't be played on SSF because it emulates the original cart only newest SSF R17 release runs KoF 95 and 96 so I don't know what gives.
Yaba-sanshiro and Mednafen run fine.

Dracula X - Latest update 2020/07/19
Features: instant access to the menu and map, shortcut to the map, easy moves for Maria, faster loadings to the teleport rooms and slightly faster loading times on some maps
- Map: Press R+B to show the map playing with Alucard, B do close or L to open the Menu. Richter and Maria: press L.
- Activate Easy Moves Maria: Press R+X to enable it (her box name will change to red), R+Z do disable.
New commands:
1. ← ↖↗→+A/C changed to ↑↗→+A/C
2. ← → ↘↙ ←→+A/C changed to ↓ ↙ ←→+A/C
3. ↑2s ↗↘ ↓+A/C changed to ↓↘→+Y (increased the owl limit too)
4. ↑↗↘↙↖ ↑2s↓+A /C changed to ↓↘→+Z

Ultraman - Latest update 2020/05/31
Features: Rom cart no more required, slightly faster loading times, simplified cheats
I really don't have interest in making sense of the original post nor have any interest in this game lol so I will post the google translated notes with the cheats:
## Cheats!
* 1: When [PRESS START BUTTON] appears on the game title screen, use 1P to input the ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓ keys in sequence, and the effect will sound if successful, then press START to open the menu screen (original 1P input ↑, ↓, A, B, C, →, ← keys)
- Press and hold the Y key to select options other than OPTION, the game background will be composed of pure polygons without texture maps;
- Hold down the Z key to display in a mode without time and energy In the game, the remaining time can only be judged by the sound;
- In the battle mode, hold down the X key to determine the battle field will be randomly selected.
* 2: Continue to use the 1P input ←, →, ←→ on the game title screen, and the effect will sound if successful (original 2P input ↑, ↑, A, A, C, C, ↓, ↓, B, ←, B, →, ←, →, B, B keys)
- The current test is the battle mode, you can choose the level, whether there are other effects is unknown
* 3: Continue to use 1P to enter the B, A, B, A keys on the game title screen, and it will succeed. Sound effect sound (original 2P input C, B, A, B, C, ↓, ←, ↑, →, ↓, A, B, C, B, A keys)
- no effect tested
* 4: OPTION interface, Press and hold the L+R keys of 1P, the effect will sound if successful, and you can call up the MOVIE ROOM mode (displayed on the main interface) The above 4 items can only be successfully entered once. After success, continue to input invalid and no effect sound. The first 3 items must be entered in order

The King of Fighters '95 - Latest update 2020/06/07
Features: Rom cart no more required, bosses already unlocked.

The King of Fighters '96 - Latest update 2020/07/17
Features: 1 Mega ram cart no more required, faster loading times (about the same as KoF95), bosses already unlocked, Demo Play (cutscenes and endings) unlocked for all teams.

I can't wait for his KoF97 hack :)
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