YZB's 4MB hacks

This is a me thing, but I wish someone would do this for the PAL version of The King of Fighters '95. I've been wanting to get the game in English, but that would mean I'd have to get a region free unit. Getting it in English while also having a 4MB RAM hack would be amazing in my opinion.
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Hello guys! I loved so mutch thease hacks! Im very very excited about a Kof 97 4MB hack to improove the loads.
I wold like to ask something, cold someone fix the King of Fighters 96 MONO problem, the game do not work in stereo, I have the original and the problem is there too.
I tinhk this can bel resolved very easy for someone very expert in make this mod.
Thanks so mutch.
Omg I have been looking for years a version of Kof 96 in Stereo!!! Is there anyone here capable to do that?
That would be amazing.
Many Thanks
For some reason this Ultraman hack does not work on my Sega Saturn HST-3220 made in the Philippines (it freeze when the level loads), but it works fine on the HST-3220 made in Japan.