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    Shining The Holy Ark in PDX thrift store

    Morey - Yep, it's the one near the Hawthorne Bridge. If you'd like to trade Saturn stuff (or DC?) for archival purposes ;p give me an email (address is in my profile). I live in the Brooklyn neighborhood just southeast of the Ross Island Bridge.
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    Shining The Holy Ark in PDX thrift store

    Hmmm... I thought I saw this already on someone's FTP. I figured somebody might just want the original, too. I didn't buy it because, heresy of heresies, I don't really dig console RPG's. If someone can confirm it's not on any of the available FTP's I'll pick it up and rip it.
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    Shining The Holy Ark in PDX thrift store

    For any Saturn game hunters looking for this game, I saw it today at the Goodwill off Grand Ave in Portland, Oregon. They have the game in the front display. It's missing the front cover I think - it's marked at $7.50.
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    Lerpas 3DO server!!!!

    It's good to see some action for the 3DO these days. Anything in particular you'd like uploaded?
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    How much would you pay for a Sega Megajet?

    I've noticed this ( auction on eBay for 50 Megajets. I'd love to get just one for history's sake, but doubt it'd be worth more than $100 to me considering you can get a Nomad for under $100. How much would you guys pay for a...
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    As seen on TV, Film and Theater

    I believe the version of hockey they are playing in Swingers is NHL94. You can tell this because in the movie they talk about how you can now injure players (they show the little broken leg guy ala 94) and how they've removed the fighting (another 94 feature changed from 93 I believe). I find 94...
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    Sega GT Question

    With regard to cars, homologation usually means that the manufacturer has built enough cars of a certain type to qualify for racing in a league/series that requires cars that have been built as production road cars - not just a purpose-built racecar but something that can be driven on the...