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    Visit thecodeman's new site!

    Visit thecodeman's new site! Check out my bro's new site i laid out for him. It has many similarities to my site, I was gonna do a full blown different layout but he requested to keep certain things like the background stars and he wanted my "space crystals". Be sure to visit his forums as...
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    The person with the sega saturn logo avatar..

    buhaha! 2 pages about this topic? LMAO. anyways, thnx curtis, i need the black background so i can layer screen it in PS, and i couldnt find a decent saturn logo anywhere even with google image search.
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    The person with the sega saturn logo avatar..

    GOt IT! thnx bro for the heads up.
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    The person with the sega saturn logo avatar..

    Ive looked all over the boards for that avatar, the one with the blue sphere and S wrapped around it with black background. That person mustve switched avatars or somthing. I need it for a graphic representation. Thnx.
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    Adult only titles

    me me me!!!!! my shit should be up some time tommorrow installed a new HDD and restructuring the TP as we speak more here
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    Sega saturn

    i just bought one last week with Daytona USA at the local video games store..
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    Ftp alliance

    haha! were talking about ellipses.. i thought i was the only one that does this... buhaha!
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    Well look what just showed up on my doorstep...

    "Haha. I've got the same bed sheets" really nelson? buhaha! ht eonly good thing about PR is the theme music.. that shit rocks.
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    Well look what just showed up on my doorstep...

    yea power rangers is a shitty game much like Time Gal. and yes hollywood, your right. Thnx bro!
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    My new toy(s)

    hehe, good eye there cavera.. as a matter of fact i just polished up my new(used) genv2 i got with... you guessed it.. Armorall. And the shine lasts a long time. I just like to keep my shit looking clean and perfect.
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    Sega saturn - do i need a modchip?

    yea that burner is sweet burning logos and pics on a CD, how fuckin cool is that!
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    Well look what just showed up on my doorstep...

    Welp, all that complaining about how i thought Game Source was ripping me off and shit, is coming back to bite me in the ass. They pulled through.. Im pretty exstatic about it, i must say, and in another way im embarrased. They still never responded to my emails, had to have been some kind of...
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    Commodore 64 people!

    im a hardcore C64 fan.. i think i'll drag my collection out and take pics just to show. I have ALOT of shiz. Ive got a mod chip, i dunno what it does nor have i installed it.. something my uncle found.. Im proud to own it all, and proud to actually hook it up and be able to do somthing with...
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    Help! how to brun the iso with mp3?

    my procedure, cant get any simpler than this.. here
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    Nesterdc 6.0

    to reset back to main menu hold down L+R and press start