Well look what just showed up on my doorstep...

Welp, all that complaining about how i thought Game Source was ripping me off and shit, is coming back to bite me in the ass. They pulled through.. Im pretty exstatic about it, i must say, and in another way im embarrased. They still never responded to my emails, had to have been some kind of miscommunication along the way. Everything is working, new SCD games yum yum... etc.. My apologies go out to this fine company.

EDIT: They also included Tuesdays copy of the Florida Today newspaper.

Excuse the ugly green line, DOS FTP command is crummy, anyone know how to transfer in that other mode, to where it wont do that?

hey the american mega CD cases are pretty cool, they use double CD cases over here with the cd in the front and the manual in the back
"Haha. I've got the same bed sheets"

really nelson? buhaha!

ht eonly good thing about PR is the theme music.. that shit rocks.