Arguement here, tell me your opinion

Originally posted by Myname@Sep. 22 2002, 9:08 pm

I think the VMU idea was a good one, executed badly.. As is Sega's way. Not enough games utilised them in interesting ways to make it worth shelling out for new batteries every two weeks.

But you don't need batteries to power it when you're playing a multiplayer game (say, NFL 2k2) to make hidden play selections. I think that was the best use of it. I'm surprised one of the current gen systems didn't pick up on that.
They probably saw it as an extra expense that wouldnt catch on..

Plus remember what happened to sony's "Pocket-station"?

exactly my point, he thing supported like 3 games
When I was in elementary school, I got a Sega Genesis and played Decap Attack for days on end, and then when the SNES came out with Street Fighter 2, I sold my Genesis for the SNES and got SF2... I've regretted it every day since... I'm sure the little guys who missed out on the Dreamcast just to play GTA3 will regret it too... well... maybe... hm.