The person with the sega saturn logo avatar..

Ive looked all over the boards for that avatar, the one with the blue sphere and S wrapped around it with black background.

That person mustve switched avatars or somthing.

I need it for a graphic representation.

That's Curtis isn't it? Check that PS2 modding thread, he posted in there.

Edit: He contributed it in the Sega Art section too.
While we're on logos, I really need a large Sega logo, the one in the art section is cool but not quite right.. Just the logo as you see it at the start of Sonic 1 or something. I'm planning to get it put on to plexi for my arcade cab, should be nice.

I tried that already, but once it's enlarged it goes all pixelated, obviously. Probably easy to fix, but I'm a Photoshop retard, unfortunately.
Yep, that is my personal Saturn logo. I made it myself in 3D Studio Max a little while ago. Feel free to steal it (oh wait, you already did
). I also made the Sega logo, so I can chage it pretty much how you like. Myname - you want the blue logo on white, dead center on screen?
Yeah, pretty much. Was gonna try messing with the screenshots again but Gens is all messed up when I try to take one, dunno why..
The higher the better, I guess.. Just so as I could make any minor size alterations without deforming it too much. I feel quite bad that your doing this when it would probably be easy if I sat down properly with the Photoshop manual for a while. Appreciate the effort
Here you go

It's in 1024x768 resolution, and I've made some minor alterations to the one in the art section. It is by no means perfect (the "A" is a little wonky, and the gaps between the letters are a little too wide), but it's not too bad.

Let me know if it is what you are after, or if you want any changes made.
Looks cool, thanks! At least gives me something to take down to the printers and get some kind of cost idea.
buhaha! 2 pages about this topic? LMAO.

anyways, thnx curtis, i need the black background so i can layer screen it in PS, and i couldnt find a decent saturn logo anywhere even with google image search.
thanx for the tip but i cant use it, have x86 cpu not an alpha. Will sort it out on the other machine when i figure out why samba isnt working