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ACPK2AVI Helper (acpkHPR) 1.02

ACPK2AVI Helper (acpkHPR)
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Ama <uminchu>


ACPK2AVI developed by GANA / Nishi is a simple operation for Sega Saturn videos and
It is a wonderful converter that can convert audio data to AVI / WAV files,
Anyway, it was an application for DOS windows, so it was troublesome to specify files.
ACPK2AVI Helper brings the excellent features of ACPK2AVI to the Windows interface.
It is a helper application to be used via.

Therefore, in order to use this application, the main body ACPK2AVI is required.

Where to get ACPK2AVI
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V1.00 → V1.01
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・ Fixed a bug that does not work on NT4.0 (intention)
-The file size is displayed when a file is selected.

V1.01 → V1.02
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・ Data with extensions other than CPK / ADP can also be displayed in the file list.
-The size of the selected file is displayed in the status bar.
・ When the selected file is an AIFF file, in addition to the file size
The character string (AIFF) is displayed on the status bar.
If (AIFF) is displayed, convert it to a WAV file even if the extension is not ADP.
There are things you can do.
For details, please read "Caution" in the ACPK2AVI document.
・ Includes findaiff.exe (DOS window application).
For details, please read the explanation of FindAIFF below.

2. How to install

1) Create an appropriate folder and copy all the included files into it.

2) Obtain ACPK2AVI and expand it in the above folder.

3) If you are using Windows95, right-click go.bat in Explorer and select Properties.
Please open the dialog.
For those using NT4.0. .
I'm not sure because I've never used (NT) ^ _ ^;
In short, please open the PIF setting dialog of go.bat.

4) Select the Program tab and select the "Close window when program ends" option
Please check.
Also, if necessary, change the "Priority of other programs" on the Other tab.

5) Start acpkhpr.exe and press the second tool button from the right end.
The setting dialog opens.

6) The drive in which the Saturn CD-ROM is inserted in the conversion source folder, or
Please specify the folder where the conversion source data is stored.

7) Specify the folder to store the converted AVI file in the conversion destination folder.

3. How to uninstall

Delete the folder where acpkHPR is installed.

4. How to use

First of all, please read the ACPK2AVI document and check what you can do.
The basic usage is as follows.

1) Select the desired file from the conversion source data list box and click the conversion start button.
Please press. (Or double-click the file)

2) If the conversion is successful, the application assigned to AVI / WAV will start automatically and the conversion will be performed.
Play the file that was created.
The conversion status status is displayed at the bottom of the acpkHPR window.

3) If necessary, press the save button on the toolbar.
You can use the play button before pressing the save button.

The AVI / WAV file immediately after conversion is a temporary file.
Unless you save it intentionally, this file will be overwritten at the next conversion.

Also, when merging audio into a video without sound, list the desired video file in the list box.
Select from and press the conversion start (speech synthesis) button.
Next, select a sound file (* .cpk / *. Adp / *. Wav, etc.) in the dialog that pops up, and select it.
Please operate in the same way after that.
If you use the optional function of ACPK2AVI, the audio will start 5 seconds after the video starts.
You can also let it do.
For details, please read the ACPK2AVI document.

5. Precautions for use

1) I'm cutting corners a little, so when using acpkHPR, use a DOS window / console, etc.
Please do not use (DOS application).

2) When you select a file, the file size is displayed on the status bar.
Also, if the character string (AIFF) follows this file size display,
It can be converted to a WAV file even if the extension of the selected file is not ADP.
There is. For more information, please read the "Caution" in the ACPK2AVI documentation.

Example: 196.0KB (AIFF)

3) If the conversion is successful, the WAV / AVI playback application will start and playback will start automatically.
It will start, but when performing the next conversion, close this application (before performing the conversion)

6. Explanation of FindAIFF (bonus)

When you start findaiff.exe (included) with the file name as an argument, the specified file
Check the structure, and if this file can be converted to WAV, add a + sign before the file name.
If it is unlikely that it can be converted to WAV, it will be displayed with a -sign in front of the file name.
Note that findaiff.exe is a DOS window (console) application.
How to use redirects, pipes, wildcards and commands in DOS windows / consoles
Please refer to the MS-DOS book for information.

Example: When the data exists in h: \

Findaiff h: \ * .adp> result.txt
Find aiff h: \ *. *
Findaiff h: \ 1024.adp
findaiff h: \ 20 ??. * | sort | more

Display example

+ H: \ 2033.CPK ← There is a possibility that it can be converted to WAV. (Sometimes it cannot be converted)
-H: \ 2030.CPK
-H: \ 2031.CPK
-H: \ 2032.CPK
-H: \ 2034.CPK
-H: \ 2035.CPK

7. How to get the latest version


8. Support

Please email us for bug reports and requests.

(NIFTY-Serve: GCA02652)

Handle name: Ama <uminchu>

Please send an email to the Internet.
When calling from NIFTY-Serve, the destination is INET:
Please do.

Finally, GANA / Nishi who released a wonderful converter for free.
Thanks to.
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