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acpk2avi 1.19


Another convertor from CPK to AVI.
Copyright (C) 1997-1998, GANA, Nishi

0. Be careful

Regarding viewing and use of Sega Saturn's Cinepak (CPK) on a personal computer
Sega Enterprises has not officially approved this matter.
Please refrain from asking questions about Sega and software houses.

1.First of all

This is Cinepak, which is commonly used as a video in Sega Saturn.
Converts the file to a Windows AVI file. Conflicts
As an advantage over software,

1) You can create an AVI with WAV and ADP added to a CPK without audio.
2) ADP can be converted to WAV
3) The audio of the created AVI can be compressed.
4) Create an AVI that can be played properly on Windows95 OSR2
5) The size of the created AVI is slightly smaller
6) Win32 works with others

And so on.

2. How to use

a) When you want to create an AVI file from a CPK file
acpk2avi [OPTIONS] <INPUT.cpk> <OUTPUT.avi>

b) When you want to create an AVI file from CPK and ADP files
acpk2avi [OPTIONS] <INPUT.cpk> <INPUT.adp> <OUTPUT.avi>

c) When you want to create an AVI file from a CPK file and a WAV file
acpk2avi [OPTIONS] <INPUT.cpk> <INPUT.wav> <OUTPUT.avi>

d) When you want to create a WAV file from an ADP file
acpk2avi <INPUT.adp> <OUTPUT.wav>

e) AVI files generated by acpk2avi version 1.08 or earlier,
Re-create AVI files generated by cpk2avi etc. on Windows95 OSR2
When you want to be able to grow
acpk2avi [OPTIONS] <INPUT.avi> <OUTPUT.avi>
acpk2avi [OPTIONS] <INPUT.avi> <INPUT.adp> <OUTPUT.avi>
acpk2avi [OPTIONS] <INPUT.avi> <INPUT.wav> <OUTPUT.avi>

The following can be specified for [OPTIONS].
It's a sequel.
-msadpcm Compress the audio with MS-ADPCM.
-xaadpcm secret. Cannot be specified at the same time as -msadpcm.
+ <DELAY> Delays the video by <DELAY> seconds.
-<DELAY> Delays the audio by <DELAY> seconds.
-e <EXTEND> Increases the output AVI by <EXTEND> seconds.
-fps <FPS> Suppose the FPS (frame / sec) value is <FPS>.
-frequency <Hz> Suppose the audio frequency is <Hz> Hz.
-freq <Hz> 〃

From a Windows 95 DOS window, Windows NT command prompt, etc.
Please start.

It doesn't refer to the file name, so it can be any file name. Example
For example, if the extension is .ABS but the content is a proper ADP file
It can be specified in <INPUT.adp> (see the end of "3. Usage example").

Forcibly play fps by adding the -fps <FPS> option
You can set the value. -fps24 will set it to 24 fps.
However, if the value is smaller than the actual fps, it will not play properly.
This option is available if acpk2avi fails to calculate the fps value.
It should be used only for the purpose of setting appropriate values. By the way,
Increasing or decreasing the fps value does not change the file size
However, if you increase it, the playback efficiency will deteriorate.

3. Usage example

・ Insert the Saturn version of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" into the Q drive.
If you do the following, the opening AVI will be the current
It will be created in the directory.

acpk2avi.exe Q: \ 4001.CPK Q: \ 4000.ADP EvaOpening.avi

・ 4001.CPK and music CD of Saturn version "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
Create a pun (TRACK2.WAV is created using the CD-DA dump tool).
TRACK2.WAV starts a little late so the video starts
I will send it for about 0.37 seconds.

acpk2avi.exe +0.37 4001.CPK TRACK2.WAV EvaOpening.avi

・ Saturn version "Mobile Battleship Nadetsuko-After all," Love wins "?-"
Convert the ending ADP file to WAV.

acpk2avi.exe WATASI.ABS Like me .wav

4. Attention

・ This software is freeware. It is related to this software.
The author is not responsible for anything, whether or not

・ Please feel free to reprint.

・ There may be some Cinepak that cannot be converted well.
Please report it to the author. It may be possible to deal with it.

-WAV WAV when synthesizing audio must be in plain PCM format
No. (We will support other than PCM format if requested, but maybe requested
There will be no ^^;)

-Some files with the extension ADP may not be converted.
Examples that can be converted are "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "Sonic".
JAM "and so on.

-Some audio files can be converted even if the extension is not ADP.
For example, in "Mobile Battleship Nadetsuko", the extensions are ACM and ABS.
Files can also be converted. Generally, the first 48 bytes of the file are
If it is in the format below, it may be possible to convert.

0x00000000: 46 4f 52 4d .. .. .. .. --41 49 46 46 43 4f 4d 4d FORM .... AIFFCOMM
0x00000010: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. --.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ............... ..
0x00000020: .. .. .. .. .. .. 41 50 --43 4d .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... APCM ......

It doesn't matter where the "." Is. It's the ADPCM format of the AIFF file.

-Recently, windvt2 (WV_102.LZH) that can directly play / convert CPK
There seems to be software called Aware). The significance of the existence of acpk2avi
It's gradually fading.

・ All rights to adp2wav.c are owned by Mr. Nishi, and GANA is almost in hand.
Is not added (just changed the line feed code). Also, is it an ADP file?
When creating a WAV file, acp2wav is started as it is.
It works the same as. Adp2wav Thank you :) > Nishi

・ CPK in the 1000s and 2000s of "Neon Genesis Evangelion 2nd"
The file cannot be converted, although it has a CPK extension,
This is because it is a file that is not Cinepak. Also, numbers 5105, 5267 to 5271 are
It seems that it has not been converted well, but since it is originally such data
There is no way (actually it is a bug of acpk2avi ...).

-Acty with version 1.11 or earlier with -msadpcm option
A file was created that could not be played properly in the movie.
I thought it was a bug in the active movie, but Nishi's
The indication turned out to be a bug in acpk2avi.
I'm sorry m (__) m> Active movie.

・ Recently, TrueMotion has become popular in Saturn.
However, TrueMotion is not supported. If there is any material
It may be possible, but it is not possible at present. Playable on Windows
It may be possible to analyze with a valid TrueMotion 2.0 AVI
But ... but I'm too busy to do it.

5. References

-AVI file generated by cpk2avi
· X Cinepack Player source
・ Source of adp2wav
・ Msadpcm.c in waveconv
· Video for Windows documentation

6. How to compile

acpk2avi.exe is for Windows95 / NT, but if you recompile it, UNIX
It also works. Modify the Makefile slightly and characters if necessary.
You can compile it just by changing the code.

acpk2avi.exe is available if Visual C ++ 5.0 is installed

C: \ acpk2avi \ source \> nmake -f nodebug = 1

You can create it by doing something like this. (The included acpk2avi.exe is as above.
Is created)

In the following environment,

Cygnus GNU-Win32-b18
Debian GNU / Linux

% make -f Makefile.gcc

You can create it just by doing something like.

Also, SunOS4 does not have the memmove function, so it cannot be compiled.
(You can write about memmove yourself ^^;) But on UNIX
Even if it can be piled, it often cannot be played well with xanim.
I'm not happy.

7. Author

Create GANA --acpk2avi
TAGA Nayuta <>

Nishi --Create adp2wav
Nobuyuki Nishizawa <>

8. Support homepage

9. History

version 1.00 1997/04/13

version 1.01 1997/04/14
-The value of biSizeImage is now set to 0.
-I forgot to process the WORD alignment of the RIFF chunk.
First release
Last update
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