Astal - Various Audio Improvements Patch

Astal - Various Audio Improvements Patch 2.0

Updated with more features:

- SEGA intro vocals restoration, Easter Egg Sega Calls are also restored. (explained below)

- Intro FMV vocals restoration, the FMV still has the English VA "Astal!" but the theme now has the cut
JP vocals instead of being just the backing track.

- No repetitive attack voices, the "HIEY!" attack and "HARIYA!" throwing samples have been muted.
Attacks still have their regular sfx, all of Astal's other grunts, yells and voices are untouched.
These two samples were edited out of all of the .SND packs.

(how to keep individual changes described in the readme)

Sega calls info:

Astal - Sega Saturn | Opening or Intro Region Differences This version of the intro can be heard in this video at 3:21, with the US one at 8:47.

With the Secret Mode enabled you can make other characters say "Sega" instead. Method described here: Astal/Hidden content - Sega Retro and in the Readme.

Feel free to share this anywhere, just drop me a mention and make sure the readme is included.
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