Boot directly into Mini-Phalanx

Boot directly into Mini-Phalanx 2024.03.30-01

Zero Divide: The Final Conflict has two hidden mini-games:
  1. Neco Hammer: In the "Key Config" section of the Options menu, change all buttons to "No Use." A new item will appear called "Test 2," which launches the game.
  2. After unlocking Neco Hammer, log three hours of play time. Another item will appear in the menu; it launches the Mini Phalanx mini-game.
Mini Phalanx is the better of the two games. It's a horizontal shooter with a single stage and boss that you replay over and over with increasing difficulty. It's not quite on the level of the Psyth mini-game from Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You, but it is surprisingly good for a hidden thing that most players never saw.

This patch causes the game to boot straight into Mini Phalanx. Apply it with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: Zero Divide - The Final Conflict (Japan) (Track 01).bin
  • XDelta patch: zero-divide-phalanx.xdelta
  • Zero Divide - The Final Conflict (Japan)-0005.png
    Zero Divide - The Final Conflict (Japan)-0005.png
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