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NiGHTS Into Dreams: Pedestrian Challenge 2024-07-06.01

This is a patch for NiGHTS Into Dreams.... It presents a new challenge for NiGHTS players: collect all of the Ideya on foot.

Claris and Elliot must free NiGHTS from the Ideya Palace, but this time it will take 5 Ideya to do the job. Follow the red arrow to gather 20 blue chips from the stage and take them to the Ideya Capture. Then follow the blue arrow to take the Ideya to NiGHTS. After freeing NiGHTS from the Ideya Palace, defeat the stage's boss.

Elliot and Claris may not be able to fly, but their abilities have been upgraded: they can run faster, and aren't slowed down when they touch the purple void. In addition, the game's camera now rotates smoothly.

Other notes:
  • All dreams are available from the start, so you don't have to unlock them one by one.
  • The Alarm Egg will not appear.
  • The scoring system has adjusted, so you can get a good grade without lots of links.
  • The Saturn D-pad doesn't work very well with the higher running speed - use the analog controller.

Apply the patch with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: NiGHTS into Dreams... (USA) (RE) (Track 01).bin
  • XDelta patch: nights-pedestrian-challenge.xdelta
Technical details are available at my website.
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