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Cinepak->WAV 0.64

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CPK2WAV. EXE Version 0.64

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[Software introduction]

This software is from the Sega Saturn video file "Cinepak for SEGA" (extension .CPK).
A program that extracts only sound and converts it into a Windows .WAV file.
Cinepak is a video compression format, but there is only sound in the game
There is a file (that is, only the sound that looks like .CPK).
This program was created mainly for the purpose of converting the file.
Of course, you can also retrieve the audio of a normal Cinepak file.

【Operating environment】

・ DOS machine (DOS Ver 2.11 or higher)
・ RAM ・ ・ ・ 512Kbytes or more
・ Large-capacity media recommended (almost required)

[How to use]

Very easy. (I think (^^;

1. Put CPK2WAV.EXE in a directory in your path.

2. From the command line

CPK2WAV Input file (.CPK) [Output file (.WAV)]

If you enter, it's OK.
The extension cannot be omitted and there are no options.
Besides, you can't use wildcards.
However, the output file name can be omitted. In that case, it will be output to the working directory.

【bug? (Maybe the correct answer is omission (^^;)]

Actually, it's pretty slow. Please use only those who are willing to do so.
I think 6x speed is faster than recording ... Solved with V0.60
If you are not good at it, connect Saturn to your computer and record.


The audio data emitted by this program is in a different format and medium,
It is each copyrighted work, and the copyright belongs to the production company.
Therefore, please enjoy it as an individual.

This program is for conversion, check the data structure etc. independently
Since it is created, please do not contact Sega etc.

[Advertisement (^ _ ^;)]

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96/02/20 v0.1 ・ With the opening of the software for Sega Saturn "Tenchi Muyo!
CPK2PLE.EXE The ending was not a CD-DA, so I made it in a hurry.
-Only convert to original format (.ple).
It's a sequel.
96/02/21 v0.2 ・ If all the programs are written in main ()
CPK2WAV.COM compiles with an out-of-memory error.
Divide into CPK2PLE.EXE and PLE2WAV.EXE and use CPK2WAV.COM
Changed to call sequentially.
-Fixed that 8-bit conversion did not work.
-Changed the conversion format from .ple to .wav.

96/02/22 v0.3 ・ For the time being, subdivide the subroutine and
CPK2WAV.EXE Combined into one .EXE file. Already in spaghetti state (^^;)
-A little optimization.

96/02 / ** v0.4 ・ Something was changed, but it disappeared. Therefore, it is a missing number.

96/03/03 v0.5 ・ After extracting all the data to the work file so far
From the method of transferring to the target file, every frame
Changed the method to transfer to the target file.
-Enhanced error traps.
-Fixed a bug that dust gets in the file.

96/03/04 v0.51 -The output file name can be omitted.

96/03/22 v0.52 -Fixed that data information is not displayed properly.
-Change the error message.

96/03/27 v0.53 ・ Nothing has changed. (^^;

96/04/08 v0.60 ・ The processing speed is increased by using the function malloc ().
-For the above reasons, the required memory will increase significantly.
(It's not a big amount (^^;)

96/04/11 v0.62 ・ The capacity of the output drive is checked.

97/05/04 v0.63 -Fixed that macro islower () was not actually working at all.
-Fixed the behavior when the output file name was omitted.
-Removed outdated error output now.
-Modify the document for Internet UL.
-Program optimization.

97/06/30 v0.64 -Fixed the text dripping when there is no ANSI.SYS in DOS / V.
First release
Last update
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