Clockwork Knight 2: play as Pepper in the Barobaro stages

Clockwork Knight 2: play as Pepper in the Barobaro stages 2024.03.16-01

This is a patch for the Japanese version of Clockwork Knight 2 that lets you play as Pepper / Tongara in two stages.

Normally the game has you play as Pepper riding on Barobaro in those stages. When playing as Pepper by himself, the camera does not scroll automatically. This means you can backtrack and explore the stage at your leisure.

  • Start the game. The level select menu will be showing on the title screen.
  • Up and Down change areas. X and Z change stages.
  • Navigate to either "Kid's Room: Stage 2" or "Bath Room: Stage 2."
  • Press Start and begin playing normally.

The patch makes Pepper invincible, since the game crashes if he runs out of gears in a Barobaro stage. If you fall into a pit, the game will still crash.

Apply the patch with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: Clockwork Knight - Pepperouchau no Daibouken Gekan (Japan) (2M) (Track 1).bin
  • XDelta patch: ck2-tongara-mod.xdelta

A writeup with technical details is available at my website.
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